A Story of the Future

The singularity has come and gone, leaving behind those who chose not to join, but things are getting weird.

The AI revolution happened so fast. One day you are shopping for a self driving car, the next drones are 3D printing a new, taller roof on your previously shitty apartment. Then the singularity happens, the machines become self aware and self improving. Within a week they have created neural implants that share all of their advancements with us. Within a month everyone who took them up on the offer has uploaded to the cloud and is gone. Or at least that is what the news is saying. With so many people gone, 80%+ by most estimates, nothing runs quite as smoothly as before. And yet they must feel some sense of obligation to those left behind. Their last communication was a promise to make things better. And since then there have been a few unexplained phenomenon.

Founderia. Is that the place they all went? From what people say it sounds more like what they are reshaping this world in to. This place used to be called Chicago, maybe it still is. It is estimated a million people stayed behind, still living here.

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